How To Play Free Fire Max On Android Device Without Downloading It?

Experience the thrill of the title without downloading.
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By Devil Gamer
Try Free Fire Max On Android Device Without Downloading It (Image ©️: Garena)

Free Fire Max, the upgraded and improved version of the big giant Free Fire in the battle royale game, offers a better gameplay experience, better graphics, and much more. But in February 2022, the Indian government banned Free Fire. And after the ban, a large number of players have moved to or want Free Fire Max.

But a lot of players like to experience the game once before downloading it to their device. And those whose low-end devices’ max version doesn’t support it, so they keep looking for a guide on how to play Free Fire Max online or simply how to test drive it.

So today in this article we are going to tell you how you can play Free Fire Max online without downloading it on an Android device. So let’s move on.

How is it possible?

Wondering if Free Fire Max can be run without even downloading it? Actually, it is possible. Free Fire Max is part of the Google Play Store’s Instant Apps program, which provides an option to trying out the game before downloading and installing it. Where players can play the game online on their mobile devices. This feature is mainly called the “Instant Apps” feature of the Google Play Store.

However, this feature is just a demo of Free Fire Max, not the full game. This version of the game basically gives a glimpse of the gameplay and other features of Free Fire Max, so that users can decide whether or not to download it.

But how? Here’s an guide on how it’s done with the Google Play Store’s Instant Apps feature:

Steps to play Free Fire Max without having to download it to device

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to open the Google Play Store application on their Android device.
  • Step 2: Now search for Free Fire Max in the search bar. Or you can go by clicking on this link.
  • Step 3: After opening the application page, players will see two options: Try it now and Install it.

Note: If you cannot see the Try Now option, you can follow this guide, provided by Google to enable the Instant Apps feature.

  • Step 4: By clicking Try Now, you can play Free Fire Max online without downloading the game.

Final thoughts

If you enjoyed some of the experience, then you can go ahead and download this popular battle royale title on your devices and continue to enjoy playing it. However, you can also experience tricks and tips for this title by joining us on Telegram.

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