How To Create & Set Invisible Nickname In Free Fire Max?

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By Devil Gamer
An invisible "Free Fire Nickname" can surprise your opponents.

The popular battle royale game, Free Fire Max, offers players several customization options like custom sensitivity settings, HUD, and more to play the game and enjoy it to the fullest.

And one of those great options is to change and create your own custom nickname. Players can choose a cool and stylish or a simple nickname or use custom fonts to make them stand out from other players on the battlefield. They can even create and set names in different languages.

But other than that, you probably know or have ever noticed that when some players hit you or someone else on the field, they don’t have a nickname-it’s because of the trick of the Free Fire Max Invisible Name, which looks so unique and amazing.

However, players cannot directly allow the nickname to be blank in the first place. But don’t feel sad, because today here in this article, I have come up with a step-by-step guide on how to get and set an invisible nickname in Free Fire Max in 2023. So let’s go ahead.

Steps to get an invisible name for Free Fire Max

By using special symbols and stylized fonts from various websites, it is very easy to get a custom Free Fire Max nickname for yourself, but as I said in the beginning, getting an invisible name for Free Fire Max is not that easy as it is. Players cannot leave the nickname blank initially.

But it can be achieved by using Unicode 3164 characters, also known as “Hangul filler”. I’m going to give step-by-step information to get an invisible nickname for Free Fire MAX, and for that, just follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, go to Google search and type Unicode character U+3164 there.
  • Now, open the first website where you will see a blank space.
  • Simply copy it by long pressing on it.
  • Now write some random characters below the copied Hangul Filler as superscripts and copy the entire text. Otherwise, use Braille dots as superscript.
  • Just scroll down and go through the steps to set your copied invisible nickname in FF Max.

Steps to change invisible name in Free Fire Max

Changing the name in Free Fire Max after getting an invisible nickname is not a difficult task, but there are two conditions for changing the name, which are mentioned below:

  • Players need a name change card to change the Free Fire Invisible nickname; otherwise, 390 diamonds.
  • Players cannot directly use the Unicode 3164 character for renaming because sometimes other players may have already taken the same name.

Here are the steps to set an invisible nickname in Free Fire Max:

  1. Open your game and click on the profile section.

    Start Free Fire Game

    Present on the top-left corner of the main screen.

  2. Your profile will open up; now press on the “yellow color pencil icon”.

    Edit Free Fire Profile Thorough Edit Tab

    You can also click on “Settings Gear Icon”.

  3. Now, a dialogue box will appear, requesting you to enter your new nickname.

    Change Name Through Nickname Tab

    Click on “Nickname Text Box”.

  4. Now paste the copied text or invisible name into the text field and hit the button below.

    Paste Copied Invisible Nickname in Tab

    Note: If name has already been taken by someone, you can add a dot or any other character.

  5. Once done, your Free Fire Max nickname will be invisible.

    Successfully Changed The Name!


That’s all for today. I hope this article helped you create your first invisible nickname in the Free Fire Max game. And if you want more quick updates and tips about FF Max, be sure to join our on Telegram channel and subscribe below to get your hands-on notifications via email.

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