Free Fire’s Season 53 Elite Pass is now available! Here’s what u will get

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Everything You Need To Know About 53th Elite Pass of Free Fire Max

Did you know that Free Fire has released 52 Elite Passes so far? And as Free Fire releases a new Elite Pass on the first day of every month, the currently running Elite Pass Season ends. That day is today. The previous Free Fire Elite Pass Season 52 has ended, and the Season 53 Elite Pass has just replaced it.

This 53rd Elite Pass is named “Jutsu Elemental“, which looks like it is based on a ninja-type theme. There are Ninja Blade avatars, banners, Ninja Fusion t-shirts, and several rewards with a special emote. And most of all, these rewards give players an immersive Ninja experience.

So here are the rewards that the Season 53 Elite Pass gives to players, including free and premium.

Season 53 Elite Pass Premium Rewards

Free Fire Max Season 53 Elite Pass Premium Rewards

The S53 Elite Pass rewards premium users with the motorbike skin, Ice Ghost, and then, as usual, the October Elite Pass will also have two featured bundles: a Firestorm Shinobi Men Bundle that can be obtained for 225 badges. And the second bundle is the Windfrost Shinobi Female Bundle, which can be obtained with only 50 badges. However, it has lower quality animations than the male bundle.

In addition, it offers the Elite Pass as well as a loot box, Haunt Altar, and an exclusive Ninja Stand emote. Not only that, there is still a lot left to know, which is mentioned below. However, it will be available only to those with premium memberships.

EP BadgeEP Rewards
0Ice Ghost Motor Bike Skin
10Flame Oni Avatar
15Blizzard Runner Jacket (F)
30Ice Oni Banner
50Windfrost Shinobi Bundle (F)
80Burning Ninja Dagge
100Cursed Anger Backpack
115Flame Oni Banner
125Bizon – Soul Stealth
135Ice Oni Avatar
140Evolution Stone
150Haunt Altar Loot Box
200Ninja Stand Emote
225Firestorm Shinobi Bundle (M)
M = Male/F = Female

Season 53 Elite Pass Free Rewards

If you’re one of those who don’t want to spend money to become a premium user of Free Fire Max Elite Pass. So here is the list of free rewards that Garenq Free Fire offers to everyone, including free and premium customers.

EP BadgeEP Rewards
5Ninja Blade Avatar
4Flame Endure Jacket (M)
100Ninja Fusion T-shirt (M/F)
150Ninja Blade Banner
200Ice Ghost Backpack
225Ice Ghost Surfboard
M = Male/F = Female

Thats it! This new Elite Pass will be available till the last day of October 31. So what do you think about this Elite Pass and its rewards? Will you buy it? Let us know via a comment below!

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