Free Fire Announces “Light Fest” To Celebrate Diwali

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It's Diwali Time | (Image ©️: Garena)

One of the big titles in Battle Royals, Garena Free Fire, recently announced that like every Diwali, this time too the game is going to celebrate the Diwali festival, but with more joy, excitement, and more rewards than before. Garena started teasing its brand new event called “Light Fest.” Its in-game section has also been set up already.

According to the banner released, this event is going to be one of the biggest events of the year, but full details are not revealed yet, but we can assume that Garena Free Fire’s Light Fest Event will be coming soon with lots of free rewards and events.

Free Fire: “Light Fest” Diwali Event

According to the announcement of the Game Diwali event, this Light Fest event is going to start tomorrow, October 7th, and will go on till October 28th. The game will be loaded with Diwali themed content during the event, where we will see changes to game items like aeroplane, airdrops, loading screen, and more, and specific tokens and games to complete the tasks of the exclusive event.

Light Fest Event Rewards List

As I mentioned above, full details are still awaited, but Garena has already started making some noise about it via their social media handles. Like they said, there are many bundles happening, like Wavebreaker Kaze AWM, Moonlight Ballad Kingfisher, Emotes, Pets, and more.

Survivors! Ready your squad! Biggest event of the year is about to begin!

Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store for you during Light Fest.

Get a chance to win items like Roaring Knight bundle, legendary gun skins like Wavebreaker Kaze AWM, Moonlight Ballad Kingfisher, emotes, pets and so much more!

We can’t wait for you to experience what we have planned for you!


And today, a new event has also been added to the Light Fest section called Get Ready, which offers Resupply Maps, Bounty Tokens, 100x Universal Fragments, and Lightning Strike Weapon loot crates as rewards for completing daily missions.

Free Fire Light Fest Event Rewards Calendar
Free Fire Light Fest Event Rewards with Calendar

In the meantime, along with the announcement of the event, leaks of the reward have also started coming to the fore. which shows that the following rewards are likely to emerge.

  • Fist – Claws of Fury
  • Granade – Tiger Attack
  • Magic Cube
  • Pan – Roaring Flame
  • Magic Cube Fragments
  • Scarf – The Royale Bit
  • Golden Tiger token
  • Flaming Beast Banner
  • Gloo Wall – Roaring Protector
  • Roaring Night bundle (Male/Female)
  • The last roar lootbox
  • The Golden Tiger Avatar
  • Tiger Clae backpack
  • Skywing 
  • Monster Truck – Roaring Wheel
  • Predator in the Sky Parachute
  • Desert Dagger – Knife
  • Festivities Grenade

And apart from all this, task completion events like Diwali Pass, Call Back Event, and 2020’s ‘Light Up Bermuda‘, in which players are tasked with collecting ‘Diyas’ missions, lighting up the in-game event map by 100% In return, for which the collected diyas could be exchanged for weapons, skins, and emotions, there are also chances of coming.

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